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MRTG Data Value Monitoring The ipSentry MRTG Counter Value Monitoring Add-In provides you with the ability to evaluate and be alerted to the reported threshold values contained in your MRTG html reports.

If you utilize MRTG, you know that these bandwidth values are critical. These values are contained in the header of the HTML reports.

The ipSentry MRTG Value moniotr extracts and evaluates these for comparison against high/low thresholds allowing you to be alerted when your defined router throughput values are exceeded.

MRTG (Multi Router Traffic Grapher) is a killer utility for graphing traffic on your routers and this add-in compliments this system by checking the data values contained in the MRTG html reports and alerting you when traffic data exceeds your thresholds.

If you have used MRTG, you know what traffic data is available and why this add-in is so useful. More information available on MRTG is available at there site at http://www.mrtg.com/

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