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ipSentry is proud to be an authorized reseller of Sensatronics Environmental Monitoring Equipment.
Sensatronics provides network accessible environmental hardware for the measurement and monitoring of Temperature, Humidity, Wetness, Smoke detection, air flow, power detection, open closed relays, door sensors, and many other environment controls.

Combined with the ipSentry SNMP Monitor add-in, you have the ultimate solution in monitoring and notification of environmental conditions.
Protect your IT assets through early alerts of out-of-range environmental conditions including:
  • High or low temperatures
  • Leak detection and wetness
  • Damaging humidity levels
  • much more...
 With ipSentry Monitoring Software and Environmental monitoring hardware, you will be receiving the alerts and notifications when thresholds are out of range and attention is required to the environmental conditions being monitored.

You may view the Sensatronics modules currently support by ipSentry and available through our online store by clicking here.

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