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ipSentry Network Monitoring Suite Installer 
Size: 23MB      Version: 7.70.309        File Name: ipssetup.exe -or- ipssetup.zip
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Download the fully functional ipSentry Network Monitoring Suite.

Evaluation Mode without Version 7 License: When used in evaluation mode, the software will cease to monitor after 21 days if a valid version 7.x license is not entered.  * ipSentry version 6 and earlier license codes are not valid for use with the current release of ipSentry Version 7.x.

Click here for EULA / End User License Agreement
For details on installation, repair, change, and uninstallation, please consult your Microsoft Windows documentation for standard uninstall and change program functionality for the version of Windows you are currently running.

  ipSentry v7 (.EXE Installer)   ipSentry v7 (.ZIP Installer)
Download IPSentry Suite Setup: Primary   File: ipssetup.exe Download IPSentry Suite Setup: Primary  File: ipssetup.zip

ipSentry v7 Dash Client Workstation Installer
Size: 12MB      Version: 7.70.309      File Name: dashsetup.exe -or- dashsetup.zip
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Download the ipSentry Dash Desktop Client Installer.
This download is intended to be installed only on remote workstations where IPSentry is not installed for use in obtaining status display of existing ipSentry host systems. 

There is no need to install this software on the same machine as ipSentry because the DASH Client is already included with the IPSentry Network Monitoring Suite installation.

For more information on the DASH Client - Please See: DASH Client Help

DASH Client Installer (.EXE) DASH Client Installer (.ZIP)
Download DASH Client Setup: Primary File: dashsetup.exe Download DASH Client Setup: Primary File: dashsetup.zip




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