ipSentry Network Monitoring Software

  ipSentry Monitoring Software General Features  

ipSentry is packed with features designed for monitoring and alerting of all aspects of your IT business infrastructure, databases, network, system performance, environment, and many other aspects inside and outside the scope of just your network.

The following information outlines the general application features for ipSentry Network Monitoring Software.

Standard Monitoring Functions

Configuration is performed through a standard windows desktop application maintaining a secure environment for your administrative access.  No open holes presenting a potential security breach and straight forward Windows application based user interface.


Unlimited device monitoring. 

Agent-less monitoring; so no requirement to install agents on remote systems.

Perpetual license with no annual support or maintenance.

Free support via our ipSentry Community Forums or direct email at support@ipsentry.com.

Free maintenance updates within the same major version series.

ipSentry runs as a Service and desktop application.
Setup and start monitoring in minutes.
Intuitive and straight forward user interface.
Copy configuration changes to and from new and existing entries.
Template based configuration options.
Downtime schedules to avoid alerting during scheduled maintenance periods.
Ordered alert and notification.
Dependency based monitoring to avoid unnecessary alerting.
Monitoring groups with frequency definitions and overrides.
Grouped and ungrouped views for efficient navigation.
Failure and recovery alerting options.
Success state alerting and notifications.
System tray notification when desired.
Self monitoring capabilities.
Detailed statistics data stored in MS Access or SQL server database for custom reporting.
Real time status display and notifications.
Suspend and Resume monitoring of individual items on-demand.
Configuration data stored in central data store within XML files.
Pre-test monitoring configurations before inserting to live monitoring schedule.
Test monitoring and alerting configurations individually.
Embedded Backup and restore of configuration data.
As always - the Basic Black ipSentry Active Display Console - Customizable.


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