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Mailbox Queue Monitoring The ipSentry POP Mail Queue Monitoring add-in provides you with the ability to monitor a mailbox for the existence of messages containing specified text and/or to be alerted if email has remained in the mailbox for a specified maximum amount of time.

This add-in is ideal for being alerted to important incoming messages that may require external notification alerts upon arrival as well as checking mailboxes that should be cleared out at specific intervals.  This add-in can verify how long a message has been in the mailbox and alert you if the time has exceeded your specified wait time.

For example, you may provide a high-priority code to an end user for use in emergency email requests. You can then configure this add-in to locate any new messages that might contain this specific code. When a new message arrives, you can configure this entry to perform a paging alert to send a notification to support personnel cell phones for immediate response.

This is a very specialized add-in component used to monitor a POP mailbox and check the email waiting time and optionally search messages for specific content, then trigger alerts when the specific message has arrived or messages have been in the mailbox for (x) amount of time. The add-in is very handy for identifying priority customer emails, expected contact messages, and other situations where a very specific bit of information in a mail message is worth triggering the alert.
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