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Network Latency and Connectivity

With the basic IPSentry TCP/IP Network monitoring functionality, you can monitor latency via ICMP/Ping and Connectivity to various TCP/IP servers using a Connect/Send/Expect dialogue test. 

While the basic Ping monitor is useful for preliminary connectivity testing, many routers and firewalls are now disregarding ping request packets.  This leaves you with a requirement to connect directly to the remote host to validate connectivity.

With this functionality, you can monitor Web pages, web servers, standard TCP ports such as HTTP, FTP, POP3, SMTP, and even custom TCP ports for connectivity as well as proper response.

For example, instead of just pinging your web server or simply connecting to port 80, IPSentry will request the page specified and check the response to ensure that the expected data is being received within the timeframe specified.

IPSentry provides pre-configured Send / Expect settings for several different standard TCP ports.
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