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Alert Service The ipSentry Service State Control add-in is an alerting add-in component which allows you to control Windows services on local and remote computers. This add-in component is used to Start, Stop, and Restart services as a pro-active recovery measure based on the result of a monitored entry.

For example, you can configure ipSentry to monitor a service such as W3SVC if you are so inclined. If this service is detected in a state other than Running when monitoring using the basic NT Service Monitoring functionality of ipSentry, you can configure the Service State Controller as an alert action and attempt to Start the service automatically thereby avoiding human interaction.

This add-in can be used in conjunction with any monitoring entry - not just service monitoring. For example, you may have a custom network application that is tested by a simple TCP connection. If the connection cannot be established, you may need to restart various services on the remote system even if the service show that they are running. This add-in can be used in such a case by specifying either Restart options on a set of system services.

Also important is the fact that you can configure a set of services to be started in a specific order thus allowing you to start or restart dependency services as may be required.

The Service State controller add-in is designed to be used as an alerting mechanism for starting, stopping, or restarting windows system services on local and remote systems.

There are many failure scenarios that require nothing more than a restart of a system service to correct the issue and this add-in fits that bill. We actually use it extensively in our production environment to make sure that our backup services are all running. A common and well known problem with some backup systems is that when the service fails - you don't get a backup and you don't find out about it until the backup software notifies you of some ambiguous error caused the backup to fail. We use the ipSentry service monitor to check the service state and if they don't report as running, we use this add-in to stop them in order and start them in order for a clean service startup.
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