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  ipSentry Alerting Features - Scripted TCP/IP Alert Action  

Scripted TCP Alerting This component can be used as both a monitoring entry as well as an alerting action which means that TCP accessible devices which accept telnet or raw TCP connections to perform certain actions can be access and scripted as an alerting action.

The ipSentry Scripted TCP/IP Network Monitoring enhances the basic TCP Network monitoring functionality by providing a scripted approach to send and receive requirements over an established TCP/IP connection.

An example of this type of use might be communicating via telnet session to a local device such as a router to perform a soft reset via system command after login by simply defining the host to which you will connect, port number, and then the scripted dialogue of Send/Wait commands.

Once again, this is for the power-user adding a lot more power than the basic TCP/IP network monitoring functionality in the ipSentry base application. This add-in expands on the simple Send/Receive functionality required to monitor most TCP connections by allowing a full session dialogue. With this add-in, you can script logins to POP3 servers, send test or heartbeat SMTP messages, login to FTP servers, or virtually any other clear-text top based dialogue over a raw TCP connection. We have included sample scripts to get you started for such items as POP3 login, SMTP test just up to the point of sending, and an FTP login and directory change.
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