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  ipSentry Alerting Features - Launch Command, Process, or Script  

Alert Launch External With ipSentry, you can automate command line tasks required to correct some issues, send network broadcasts, kill processes, start reset and recovery scripts, and more.

For example, there may be a situation that only a service restart or a computer restart can correct. It's a waste of time to drive in, power down, power up, and go home. Instead, you can have ipSentry launch an external NET START or NET STOP command, or launch our supplied IShutDn which can initiate a shutdown (see the next feature) and restart of a remote system.

If the alerts continue, then it might be time to come in,  in many cases, you will receive a "Recovery" alert letting you know that all systems are 'GO'.

The power of the launch external application capability provides you with the power of launching custom batch files, cmd files, vbscripts, and customized tools and utilities.
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