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System Performance The ipSentry Performance Counter Monitoring add-in provides you with the ability to evaluate performance counter data values against a user defined threshold to detect values which exceed thresholds, change abruptly, increase or decrease unexpectedly or by more than a defined threshold.

Some uses of the add-in include testing Exchange mail queue sizes for high watermark thresholds or abrupt increases in size of the queue, drive space percentages, CPU utilization, and etc...

This add-in monitors local and remote computers performance data, so you can centralize your alerting, charting, and graphing of values onto the ipSentry machine.

Use of this add-in is generally utilized to test the following aspects of performance data values.
  • The host being monitoring is accepting connections.
  • The counter values are accessible.
    The values are then compared against your filters which may include whether or not:
    • Value is Equal To a specific value
    • Value is Greater than a specified value
    • Value is Less than a specified value
    • Value has Changed
    • Value has Increased
    • Value has Decreased
    • Value is Within a specified range
    • Value has Increased by more than a specified value.
    • Value has Decreased by more than a specified value.
    • Value has Changed by more than a specified value.
Each of the above can be compared for both positive or inverse matches.

If the returned value is out your specified threshold, the configured alerts associated to this entry will be triggered.

The windows performance data is loaded with useful system performance information.

Obviously, we could include just about every valuable counter we can think of and market ipSentry has having hundreds upon hundreds of monitoring types and features.

The fact is, monitoring performance data is just one feature of network monitoring whether you are monitoring CPU, Memory, Disk Space, Exchange Services, SQL Services, AD Processes, Network Services, etc... What objects, counters and instances that you monitor is entirely up to you.
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