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Network Time Monitoring The ipSentry Network Time Add-In provides you with the ability to ensure that the system on which ipSentry is running maintains a valid date and time when compared with the servers such as the US Naval Observatory utilizing either TIME or NTP protocols.

The add-in can be used as a monitoring-only add-in that will trigger alerts when the clock on the local system is out of sync with the time server by the specified number of seconds (recommended) as well as synchronize the local time to the remote time servers time.

The add-in can also be used as an alert style add-in to synchronize the time after alerts have been generated, or the time can be automatically synchronized during the monitoring cycle.

This add-in comes with a customizable database of time servers for regional selection of NTP and TIME servers.

The ipSentry Network Time monitor will compare the local ipSentry machine time against the defined NTP or TIME server and alert you when the clocks are out of synch. This is very important in a network infrastructure where all of your workstations are setting their time off of another server on the network.

When the ipSentry time monitor triggers an alert, there is a problem with your network time which needs immediate attention. While the add-in does provide the option to synchronize the time based on a failure or at the same time it detects the discrepancy, the design of the add-in is to make you aware that there is a problem.
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