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While the basic ipSentry package provides the ability to monitor web servers and make sure that specified content is received, the HTTP/s Enhanced Monitoring add-in allows you to substantially extend this capability with SSL, Secured Logon (Basic Realm & NTLM), Form Data Posting, Redirection, and other enhanced options in order to monitor your web servers using more advanced functionality.

This add-in can evaluate page contents in order to trigger alerts when the content of a page changes either by calculating a base CRC value against the page content or by evaluating the last modified date as sent by the server.

The form posting functionality is ideal for simulating a users actions such as posting form data to the web server or logging into a specific area of your system as well as following redirects.

The HTTP/s Enhanced Web Monitor can also be used as an alerting option allowing you to post data to web servers such as web only paging systems and other web based services that allow form data or a simple URL to be sent. With the introduction of CAPTCHA showing up on many providers web based paging, you will need to contact your mobile service provider to identify a method for bypassing the visual input requirements.

SSL Certificate Monitoring
Included in Version 5.5 and later, this add-in will also monitor SSL certificate properties and alert you when the certificate will expire in a user-defined number of days, if it has expired, if any certificate attribute changes, or if there is an SSL certificate validation error associated with the certificate on the https site.

This add-in is definitely for when you need a little more horsepower in monitoring web servers than a simple GET request at the server.
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