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File Content Scanning The ipSentry File Content Monitoring Add-In provides you with the ability to monitor the contents of either an entire file or just the new data written to the end of the file (the tail) for specific data.

You can evaluate the contents using a basic ALL, ANY, or EXACT query capability for one or more query items.

This add-in is ideal for monitoring various log files and detecting certain activities and events. For example, if you have an application that writes out various activity information along with errors generated to a log file, you can configure this add-in to scan all new data written to the file for and occurrence of the error text. If found, then any configured alerts would be generated.

Many configurations that our customers are using include scanning log files for "ERROR" or "Disconnect" type messages, access from specific IP Addresses in web logs, backup completion codes and error codes in backup logs and many other tasks where just a small word or phrase in a log file can mean the difference between a huge problem and no problem at all.
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