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Environmental Condiations The environmental conditions of your data centers, wiring closets, and other areas can have a great impact on the performance and availability of your network systems.

By incorporating the Sensatronics Environmental sensors and probes in conjunction with the ipSentry IT Environmental Monitoring add-in, you can make sure that you are alerted to environmental conditions such as Temperature, Wetness, and Humidity levels which may be outside of your desired thresholds.

Don't be left out in the cold while your data-center is overheating. In the best of all worlds, we all have data centers with the best airflow, temperature, and humidity regulation that money can buy. Even in that ideal situation, failures can and do occur. In most cases, it seems that the more money you have in your environmental systems - the more costly the damage will be if things go wrong and stay that way.

In cooperation with Sensatronics, RGE, Inc. offers the ipSentry IT Environmental Monitoring add-in which custom designed to interface with all of the Sensatronics environmental monitoring controls. You can monitor Temperature, Humidity, Wetness, Flood detection, Door Switches, Power Presence, and Dry Contact leads for open/close detection on a myriad of devices.

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