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  ipSentry Monitoring Features - DNS, RADIUS, UDP Packet Monitor  

DNS - RADIUS - UDP The ipSentry DNS/RADIUS/UDP Monitoring add-in provides you with the ability to monitor UDP based systems for proper response values and response timing options.

This add-in includes a UDP Packet builder for both DNS Query and RADIUS Authentication in order to help you build the required packets for monitoring these services.

DNS / Domain Name Server Resolution Monitoring functionality allows you to query a DNS server and perform a query for the A record of a given domain name and evaluate the response to make sure it contains the IP Address expected.

RADIUS Server Monitoring functionality allows you to send a properly formatted Authentication request to a RADIUS server, specify the response (ACK or NAK), and evaluate the response times to ensure that the RADIUS server is responding and authenticating properly.

The UDP packets can be configured using escaped sequence to encode binary data for UDP packet sending and response evaluation.

This add-in is primarily used for DNS Query monitoring and RADIUS Server monitoring since the building of UDP packets is somewhat complex and must contain the exact information required by the receiving host.
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