ipSentry Network Monitoring Software

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IPSentry is priced for various levels of deployment with the understanding that not every customer requires the same functionality. 

We understand that not every deployment requires all of the functionality available in the full suite.  In order to help reduce overall IT costs, IPSentry is available a-la-carte to meet your functional needs and allow you to reduce costs now and incorporate functionality on an as-needed basis.

All software licensing provides for installation of the application / feature on a single computer per license.

Prices shown are MSRP - Please visit our online store for the most current pricing and available discounts.

Application / Suite Licenses      
Part #   Description Price    
IPSV7-L001   IPSentry V7 Application License  (Unlimited Devices) 199.00    
PKGV7-L001   IPSentry V7 Package Bundle -
Get it All! (Unlimited Devices)
Includes all Add-In Components + IPSentry Application license.  This is the full IPSentry Network Monitoring Suite.
LITE7-L001   IPSentry LITE License (5 Device Limit) 29.95    

Add-In Components
All add-ins listed are included in Package Bundles
Part #   Description Price    
EVNT7-L001   Event Log Monitoring Add-In 59.00    
FILE7-L001   File and Directory Monitoring Add-In 59.00    
HTTP7-L001   HTTP/s Enhanced Web Monitoring Add-In 59.00    
IENV7-L001   IT Environmental Monitoring Add-In 59.00    
MAIL7-L001   Mail Transaction Monitoring Add-In 59.00    
MDCD7-L001   Modem Connection Monitoring Add-In 59.00    
MRTG7-L001   MRTG Counter Data Value Monitoring Add-In 59.00    
NTIM7-L001   Network Time Monitor and Synchronize Add-In 59.00    
ODBC7-L001   ODBC Database Connection and Query Monitoring Add-In 59.00    
PERF7-L001   Performance Counter Value Monitoring Add-In 59.00    
POPQ7-L001   POP Queue Inbound Mail Monitoring Add-In 59.00    
TSCR7-L001   Scripted TCP/IP Custom Network Monitoring Add-In 59.00    
SNMP7-L001   SNMP Device Monitoring and Trap Alerting Add-In 59.00    
SSLM7-L001   SSL Certificate Monitoring Add-In 59.00    
SRVC7-L001   Service State Controller Add-In 59.00    
TAIL7-L001   File Content Monitoring Add-In 59.00    
UDPP7-L001   UDP/DNS/RADIUS Server Monitoring Add-In 59.00    




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