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From the Active Display Console, select Action / System Options

In this section, you will configure and define various global aspects of ipSentry execution and base configuration preferences.

The preference options are grouped by general concept and include the following:

Select this tab to configure the startup options, general timing, and configure the ipSentry Service Manage to set ipSentry as a system service.

Select this tab to configure the log location and logging detail level of ipSentry

Remote Access
Select this tab to configure the remote access option to be allowed by ipSentry such as the back-up monitoring port, remote view telnet access, and the ipSentry DASH Server.

Statistics Output
Select this tab to set the statistics auto-output options and detail data logging option for the enhanced statistics reporting functionality.

Default Modem
Select this tab to configure the default modem configuration to be used for paging/SMS messaging notifications.  The settings configured here will be applied for new test messaging entries.  Changes made will not affect existing entries.




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