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From the Active Display Console, select Action / System Options

The information contained on this tab provides configuration of the default communication device (modem) to use when sending text messages to your cell, pager, or other SMS capable remote devices via dialup modem delivery.

Note that these defaults are only used when add-in new entries.  Changes to this configuration will not be propagated to existing entries thus ensuring that the configuration remains intact for the various delivery items.

IPSentry System Options - Default Modem

The default modem settings area contains information regarding the TAPI configuration that should be used by default when configuring text messaging communication devices.  This field should contain the name of a valid TAPI communications device that you will use to perform pager, cell, or other SMS alerts.

Note: You can override these values on a recipient by recipient basis if required.

Click this button to configure the basic modem settings such as port speed, data settings, select the TAPI device, etc...

Select the default system dialing specification to be used.

Modify System Telephony Settings
When configuring system TAPI devices, you can configure locations that will utilize different dialing rules.  Select the location you will use by default.

* These settings are not directly related to non TAPI devices (when selecting to use Direct to COM port access.)





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