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To expand on simple connectivity and availability of a web server as outlined in HT0011:  Monitor a basic web server, you may wish to monitor a specific web page for full delivery, or the results of a server script.

In such a case, only two fields must be changed from the basic example provided in the document noted above.

In this example, we will be monitoring a web server by actually triggering a script and checking the results to make sure the HTML is being delivered by the server.  This configuration provides great overall monitoring of the connection, availability, server functionality, and delivery of web pages.

This method can also be used in a situation where you create a back-end CGI or other server side script to perform various tests from the web server.  The result would need be nothing more than "SERVEROK" or "SERVERFAILED" contained in the response HTML.  This is ideal for testing databases and other third tier systems that are required by your server.

In this document we will create an entry to do the following.

  1. Connect to the web server. 

  2. Simulate a request for a specific script.

  3. Evaluate the response for the expected result.
    If we receive the text DATABASEOK in the response, then the request was successful.

Follow the steps outlined in HT0011:  Monitor a basic web server with the following exception:

  1. In the URL field, enter: www.someserver.local/scripts/dbtest.asp

  2. In the Data to Receive field, enter DATABASEOK


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