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One of the primary (most popular) uses for ipSentry is to simply monitor the availability of a web server.  This is also the best starting point for understanding the various aspects of network device monitoring available in ipSentry by providing you with information related to each configuration option available.

In this document we will create an entry to do the following. (Alert configurations are covered elsewhere)

  1. Connect to the web server.

  2. Simulate a request for the default document.

  3. Check for an HTTP response from the server.

The configuration options used here do not guarantee that the server will actually deliver the default page or that scripts are running properly, or anything more than the above three checks.  Information on how to check for page and script delivery is available elsewhere in the how-to index.

The only information we must know prior to beginning the configuration is the URL of the web server we are monitoring, in this case it will be http://internal.serverx.local . 

  1. From the ipSentry active display console, select Action, Edit Devices

  2. Select the Action, Add New, Network Monitor, Web Page Monitor.

  3. Ensure that the "TYPE" is set to Network TCP/IP.

  4. Enter a unique identifiable name in the Name field.

At this point, all of the entries specific to configuring an entry to monitor connectivity to a web server are complete.  Additional alert options, scheduling, dependencies, and etc. can be configured at this point.


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