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You may find it necessary, as the result of some monitoring task, to request a system shutdown or reboot of a remote NT computer.

In the past, we have recommended using the SHUTDOWN utility in the Windows NT resource kit in conjunction with the Launch Application alert function.

Because not everybody needs or has immediate access to the resource kit utilities, we have included our own version of shutdown called iShutDn.exe which can be used to initiate a shutdown sequence on the local or remote NT computer.

iShutDn.exe requires a minimum of only one command line option to tell the name of the system that should be shut down with the remaining options set to the most widely used defaults for ipSentry.

iShutDn.exe Usage

Command Line Syntax
iShutDn.exe /machine=machine /delay=delay /message=message /staydown /noforce /noui




The name of the computer to shut down.


Number of seconds to delay shutdown after request.


Message to display prior to shutdown.


Optional: The remote system is NOT to auto reboot.


Optional: Applications with unsaved data will not be forcefully terminated - may interrupt shutdown.


Option: The standard "shutting down" and "results" information windows will not be displayed.

/? or /H

Displays the command line syntax for reference.

iShutDn.exe Example

To shutdown the workstation named WSJOE and display a message that the request is from ipSentry for 10 seconds, the command would be as follows:
iShutDn.exe /machine=WSJOE /delay=10 /message=From ipSentry

To accomplish the same task through the Launch Application alert facility in ipSentry, enter the following in the Command Line field.

"C:\program files\rge inc\ipsentryv6\iShutDn.exe" /machine=WSJOE /delay=10 /message=From ipSentry 

iShutDn.exe Co-Requisites

In order to utilize the remote shutdown, the user account under which iShutDn.exe is run must have "Shutdown System" and "Force Shutdown from Remote System" rights enabled on the remote machine to be shut down. 


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