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When running ipSentry as an NT System service, you will need to set the service to run under security context equivalent to the user under which you are configuring ipSentry. Do not run the ipSentry service under the Local System account if you will be accessing resources on remote workstations.

If you did not configure the proper security from within ipSentry service installation:

  1. From the Windows Control Panel, launch the Services applet

  2. Highlight the ipSentry Service Manager (SRVIPSEN)

  3. Hit the Startup button.

  4. Under Log On As, select This Account

  5. Select either the local administrator or domain admin equivalent.

  6. Enter the appropriate password.

  7. Save the settings.

We HIGHLY recommend that you set the account under which the service will run to the account under which you configure ipSentry on the desktop.  Why configure and test under UserA and then set it to run under UserB when security policy can have an adverse impact operations?

This is by far the most common support issue we have received over the years.  Usually due to restrictions set on one user that are not set on the other even though they are both administrative accounts. 

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