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Many customers have asked how to monitor routers and/or the availability of wan connections.  Primarily, for the single purpose of being alerted if their internet link is down.

The simplest method to use is PING. (ICMP-Ping)

In our example, we have a WAN connection where the local router is and the remote router on the other side of the WAN (the next hop) is  We want to create an entry to monitor whether or not we can reach   Obviously, we don't care about if is not accessible, so we will be creating a dependency here as well.

Here is the most basic configuration to accomplish this task.

  1. Select Action/Edit Devices.

  2. Select the Action/Add-New/Network Monitor/PING.

  3. Enter a unique name in the Name field.

  4. Enter a meaningful description

  5. Enter in the IP Address field.

  6. Enter ICMP-Ping in the Port field.

  7. Enter 1000 in the Timeout field (milliseconds)

  8. (Configure any alerts desired)

  9. Hit the OK button to save the information.

  10. --- Now, add the local router ---
    Perform steps 2 through 8 above.

  11. Set the IP Address to

  12. Select the name of the entry for in the Depends On field.

  13. (Configure any alerts desired)

  14. Hit the OK button to save the information.

The above configuration insures that both and are responding as well as making sure that our WAN link is up ( only accessible if WAN is up).  Also, ipSentry will not attempt to access if is not responding thereby avoiding alerts that may dispatch support persons to the wrong router.

You will also notice that the entry for appears as a grouped entry under the item.


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