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While most add-ins should automatically insert themselves into the add-in manager during the installation process (RGE Distribution), there may be situations where the ipSentry registry settings are removed or overwritten thus wiping out ipSentry reference to these components.

You may be able to recover the add-in setting by reinstalling the add-in however, that process may not be desired.

The following example shows how to recover from the following scenario.

  • ipSentry was installed and configured.

  • A new custom add-in was installed

  • Somebody uninstalled ipSentry for no apparent reason (sure, it's an example <G>)

  • Now, you need to re-install ipSentry, but the custom add-in is missing.

At this point, the add-in probably exists on the system, but it's reference is no longer contained in the ipSentry configuration.  In such a case you would need to manually add the component using the add-in manager.  In order to accomplish this, you will need to refer to the add-in documentation to retrieve the component registration name (or alternate instructions on manually adding the component.)  In this case, we will say the add-in component is MyAddIn.MyAddinCTL

Once you have the component name, follow these steps.

  1. Select Add-In Manager from the Add-Ins menu.

  2. Hit the Install New button.

  3. Set the Creation Method to ActiveX Object 

  4. Enter MyAddIn.MyAddinCTL in the Add-In Name Field.

  5. Hit the Get Config Info button.

  6. All fields should be automatically filled in with the add-in information if the add-in component has actually been installed and the Add-In Name field was filled in properly.

  7. Hit the Install button.

  8. Hit the OK button to save the add-in information.

The add-in noted above is once again available to ipSentry.  You should save your ipSentry settings after any major configuration modifications.


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