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ipSentry "Menu Style" add-ins provide quick access to various applications from the Add-In menu on the ipSentry Active Display console.

In this example, we will configure a menu option used to launch the basic Telnet client.

  1. Select Add-In Manager from the Tools/Add-Ins menu

  2. Hit the Install New button.

  3. Set the Creation Method status to Command Line Application

  4. Hit the Browse button.

  5. Find and select Telnet.EXE (c:\winnt\system32\telnet.exe)

  6. Hit the Open button.

  7. At this point, the following fields will be automatically filled.
    Add-In Name: telnet.exe
    Title: Telnet Program
    Command Line: c:\winnt\system32\telnet.exe
    Description: Telnet Program (V. xxxx)
    Each of these fields can be modified as desired.

  8. Hit the Install button.

  9. Highlight the telnet item in the add-in manager list.

  10. Hit the Load button.
    You will notice that the On Menu column now shows YES which signifies that the telnet application will be available from the add-in menu.

  11. Hit OK to save the changes.

Now, when you select the Tools/Add-Ins menu, you will see an option for Telnet Program.  Selecting this option will launch the telnet client.

You can do this for various utility applications such as FTP clients, diagnostics utilities, tracing utilities, and etc.


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