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ipSentry "Alert Style" add-ins are those add-in components used in the context of alerting.  These add-ins perform some task based on the results of a monitored item only.

Because of the virtually limitless capabilities of in-house or 3rd party add-in components, we could not hope to cover every aspect of every add-in.  Instead, we will concentrate on only the functions that will be required by every add-in and lead you the point where the add-in takes over and ipSentry waits in the background.

In this example, we have installed the add-in as instructed by our add-in vendor and we have verified that the add-in component appears in the list by selecting Add-In Manager from the Add-In menu.  Now, we simply wish to add an alert that uses this add-in to perform some task when a monitored item fails. (What the add-in does has no relevance in here, other than the fact that it performs a task based on the results of the selected monitored item.)

  1. While editing a device....

  2. Select the Add-Ins tab under the Alerts Tab

  3. Set the Alert Status status to Enabled

  4. Hit the Add button to bring up a list of available Alert Style add-ins.

  5. Highlight the desired add-in from the list.
    (Only add-ins of Alerting Style will appear in this list) 

  6. Hit the OK button.

  7. Set the Alert Success functionality as desired.

  8. Set the Alert Schedule as desired for this add-in.

  9. Hit the Add-In Configuration button.
    This is where ipSentry stops and the add-in begins.  Any windows, screens, prompts, and functionality presented to you from this point will be completely dependent on the add-in component.

  10. Hit OK and configure the remaining properties as desired for this item.


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