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ipSentry "Monitoring Style" add-ins are those add-in components used in the context of monitoring.  These add-ins perform a specific task during the ipSentry monitoring cycle.

Because of the virtually limitless capabilities of in-house or 3rd party add-in components, we could not hope to cover every aspect of every add-in.  Instead, we will concentrate on only the functions that will be required by every add-in and lead you the point where the add-in takes over and ipSentry waits in the background.

In this example, we have installed the add-in as instructed by our add-in vendor and we have verified that the add-in component appears in the list by selecting Add-In Manager from the Add-In menu.  Now, we simply wish to add a monitoring item that takes advantage of this add-in component. (What the add-in does has no relevance here, other than the fact that it performs a task within the context of the monitoring cycle.)

  1. Select Action, Edit Devices.

  2. Select the Action, Add-New, Add-In (select the add-in component)

  3. Select the Server Settings Tab 

  4. The monitoring Type should be set to  Add-In

  5. Enter a unique Name for this item.

  6. Enter a meaningful description for this item.

  7. You may hit the Browse Add-Ins button to select a different add-in.

  8. Hit the Add-In Configuration button.
    This is where ipSentry the add-in control begins.  What windows, screens, prompts, and functionality presented to you from this point will be completely dependent on the add-in component.

  9. Configure the remaining properties as desired for this item.

One of the most common problems encountered during this process is selecting Configure Add-In before actually selecting an Add-In to use.  If you receive "ActiveX component can-not create object" at this point, this is the most likely cause.  If you have selected the add-in, then it is possible that A) the add-in has no user configuration option or B) there is a problem with the add-in.  Check your Add-in documentation for additional information. 


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