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The X10 power control is a unique feature native to ipSentry.  This feature allows you to perform ON/OFF power control on external devices such as Lights and Sirens using simple X10 control modules. (See http://www.x10usa.com for details)

In this example, we have a red flashing light attached to an X10 power control module.  When our master web server fails, we would like for this light to go on.  When the problem appears to be corrected, the light should be turned off.

This document assumes we have installed the CM11A (or CK11A) controller and an external power control module.  The module address is set to A1 and connected to that module is our flashing light.  You should familiarize yourself with the functionality, installation, and requirements of the X10 system before attempting to configure this alert.

We accomplish this task with the X10 power control alert option.

  1. Select the Alerts/X10 Power tab. 

  2. Set the Alert Status to Enabled

  3. Select either  CM11A or CM17A (firecracker).

  4. Select the com port to which the X10 controller is attached.

  5. Select "A" in the House Code.

  6. Select "1" in the Units field.

  7. Select "ON" in the Failure Action

  8. Select "OFF" in the Success Action

  9. The Power On/Off delay can remain zero since we are not "cycling"

When the entry tied to this alert fails, ipSentry will send a power ON command to the controller specified (A1).
When the entry returns to success status, ipSentry will send a power OFF command.


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