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This document provides the basic steps required to add an SMTP (Email Based) text pager to the pager alert within ipSentry.  You should refer to the pager alert documentation for details regarding various field entries.

  1. Select the Alerts, Pager/Cell tab. 

  2. Set the Enabled status to Yes

  3. Click the Add button to insert a new pager.

  4. Set the Paging Type to Text via Email/SMTP

  5. Select the Email  tab.

  6. Refer to the Email Alert settings for configuration of entries on this tab.

  7. Enter the message to send for this alert in the Text Message field. 

  8. Enter the maximum allowable message length in the Max Length field.
    Your pager service should provide you with this value and it can range greatly among providers.
    ipSentry will only send the first (n) characters of the message up to this point.

  9. If you want or require that all pages be sent in UPPER CASE ONLY, mark the Force Uppercase as checked.

  10. Click the TEST button to test your pager configuration.


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