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This document provides the basic steps required to add a numeric pager to the pager alert within ipSentry.  You should refer to the pager alert documentation for details regarding various field entries.

  1. Select the Pager tab on the Alerts tab while editing an entry. 

  2. Set the Alert Status to Enabled

  3. Click the Add button to insert a new pager.

  4. Set the Paging Type to Numeric Beeper 

  5. At this point, you have the option of using TAPI or Direct to Com.
    Use of TAPI will depend on your system configuration, hardware,  and the need to share the com port with other apps such as Fax software and such.  We recommend the use of Direct to Com unless you have a specific need to make use of TAPI.

  6. Select the Numeric Pager tab.

  7. Enter the numeric pager number in the Pager # field.

  8. Set the Delay After Dial value to the number of seconds required after dialing for the pager system to ring, answer and become ready for dialing a pager number. (Usually between 5 and 7 seconds)

  9. If you are required to dial a PIN or Pager ID before entering the codes, enter the PIN in the PIN field and then enter the number of seconds needed to wait before dialing the codes in the Delay after PIN field.

  10. Enter the Custom Code if desired/required.

  11. Select the appropriate Dash Char (character used to transmit a '-' to your pager)

  12. Select the appropriate End Page character (used to finalize the paging sequence)

  13. Select the Modem Settings Tab

  14. Select the Com port to which the modem is attached.

  15. In most cases, the Speed and Data Settings have little affect on numeric paging so 2400, E71 respectively should work just fine.  We are not concerned with any modem connection be established since we are just using the modem to dial tones... no handshake occurs under this type of paging.

  16. Set the Modem Initialization to ATE0 (Refer to your modem manual for additional/alternate settings)

  17. Set the Dial String to ATDT (Refer to your modem manual for additional/alternate settings)

  18. Click the TEST button to test your pager configuration.

The most common problems encountered with basic numeric paging are:

  1. Selecting the wrong COM port for the modem.

  2. Entering the wrong telephone number as the Dial Number.

  3. Entering a delay value that is too high or too low.

Numeric paging configuration takes some time to fine-tune the settings for various ring-times and delay settings


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