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ipSentry provides a means to schedule times of day and day of week at which monitoring specific devices should and should not take place.  This feature is normally used in conjunction with a rigid maintenance plan where you know the exact days and times when a device will be unavailable and where monitoring the device would result in unnecessary alerts. 

For example, lets say we have an application server that is taken off-line every night between 6pm and 8pm for various maintenance functions.  It would serve no useful purpose to have ipSentry monitor this station at that time and send alerts since we are already aware that the system will be unavailable at this time of day.

To accomplish the task of ignoring this entry during those times, you will need to make use of the down-time schedule option and configure the schedule so that ipSentry ignores the system from 6pm to 8pm. 

  1. Select to edit the desired entry from the Device Editor.

  2. Hit the Schedule button on the Settings tab.

  3. Select the tab which represents the day of week on which to set the schedule.

  4. The hour range displayed show the time frame in which the entry is active.
    For this example, remove the default entry of 00:00-23:59

  5. Click the "Add" button.
    Set the start time to 00:00
    Set the end time to 17:59
    Click OK
    Click the "Add" button.
    Set the start time to 20:00
    Set the end time to 23:59
    Click OK

  6. Perform step 5 each day that the schedule will apply or you can hit the "Set All Days" if this schedule applies to every day of the week..

  7. Click OK to save the schedule.

  8. Click APPLY to save the updated configuration.

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