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In some cases, you may have various reasons to have specific alerts triggered before or after others.  For example, you may want the Email alert triggered first, Pager alert triggered second, and the Audible alert triggered last so as to get the email alerts out as soon as possible, followed by pagers, and then the last ditch effort of sound.

ipSentry provides a simple method to accomplish this task.

  1. From the ipSentry Entry Editor

  2. On the Settings tab, hit the Order Alerts button.

  3. You can now move the various alerts up or down in the sequence by selecting the alert you wish to move and click on the up or down arrows to position the alert appropriately.

  4. Click OK to save these settings and continue with any other modifications or saving the changes to the device.

Changing the order of the alerts using in the {default} entry will only affect newly added machines.  All other alert orders will remain unchanged.


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