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The Email Alert option can be used to send notifications to one or many email addresses depending on your needs.  In some cases, you may wish to send email to a technical support person, the system administrator, and to a logging mailbox for historical purposes.

To accomplish this, simply enter multiple email address in the To: field separating each address with a comma (,) and a space. 
Example: one@here.now, two@here.now, three@here.now

How to BCC (Blind Carbon Copy):

You may find it necessary to hide the recipient list of email alerts for internal reasons.  Perhaps you want to email a customer when there site is down and when it comes back up but you do not want the internal support staff email address to be known to these customers for various reasons.

To accomplish this, simply precede the multiple email address entry outlined above with BCC: which instructs ipSentry to send email alerts to each address on the list separately. 
Example: BCC:one@here.now, two@here.now, three@here.now


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