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When a system fails, you may wish to send alerts via Email.

ipSentry supports only SMTP email delivery (non authenticated)

In this example, we will configure the alert to send an email to support@mydomain.local from alerts@mydomain.local.  The alert will be sent through our internal SMTP server at and contain the current machine name and state in the subject as well as the message body. If an alert has been sent because the system was down, we want to send another when the problem has been corrected.

  1. Select Action, Edit Devices.

  2. Select the machine for which the email alert should be configured.

  3. Hit the Properties button.

  4. Select the Alerts tab.

  5. Select the Mail tab.

  6. Set the Alert Status to Enabled

  7. Set the Trigger on Recovery option to checked.

  8. Enter the IP Address of the SMTP Server (

  9. Enter the Port on which the server is listening for email (25 is the standard SMTP port)

  10. Enter the From email address (example: alerts@mydomain.local)

  11. Enter the recipients email address in the To field (example: support@mydomain.local)

  12. Enter the Subject of the message.
    (ipSentry Keywords can be used here)
    Example: %%mach.name%% is %%mach.state%%

  13. Enter the text of the message.
    (ipSentry Keywords can be used here)
    Example: %%mach.name%% (%%mach.desc%%) is %%mach.state%%

  14. Set the Alert Schedule as desired.


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