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Another one of ipSentry native monitoring features is the ability to monitor NT Services on local and remote NT machines.  If a service is detected in a status other than "Running", alerts will be triggered.

In this example, we will monitor the Microsoft Internet Information Server service (W3SVC) which is running on a server named \\XSERVER.

NT Service Monitoring Steps

  1. From the ipSentry active display console, select Action, Edit Devices.

  2. From the ipSentry Device Editor, select Action, Add-New, NT Service Check.

  3. Ensure the "TYPE" is set to Service Monitor.

  4. Set the following fields:
    Name: {unique descriptive name}
    Description:: {meaningful description}
    Computer Name: \\XSERVER
    (You could hit the Browse Computers button and select a machine on your network from a list in network neighborhood)

  5. Click on the Select Service button.
    Locate the W3SVC entry and checkmark this item and click OK.

  6. Configure alerts as desired.

  7. Hit OK to save these settings.

Note: Insure that you are logged in with sufficient rights to access the service control management functions on the remote computer and that ipSentry will be running under that security context during production monitoring. 


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