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Another one of ipSentry native monitoring features is the ability to monitor various drives for space thresholds.  Ideal for monitoring drives which contain log files and various queues which can fill up unexpectedly due to various conditions or as the result of other problems.

In this example, we will monitor a drive on which our web server is storing log files.  Although we have plenty of drive space available and an automated log purging routine in place - we know that if this drive begins to exceed a given threshold, problems may escalate in other areas. (Such as log analysis utilities, logging of the information itself, etc.) 

We will need to know a few things before we begin.

  • What is the network share name used?  \\XSERVER\XSHARE

  • How much free space do we absolutely require?  4GB

Drive Space Monitoring Steps

  1. From the ipSentry active display console, select Action, Edit Devices.

  2. From the Device Editor, select Action, Add New, Drive Space Monitor.

  3. Ensure that the "Type" is set to "Drive Space"

  4. Set the following fields:
    Name: {unique descriptive name}
    Desc: {meaningful description}
    Share or Drive: \\XSERVER\XSHARE
    Drive Map: [leave this field blank]
    Username: If a specific login is required, enter the user login name here.
    Password: If a specific login is required, enter the user password here.
    Space:  4000  (amount of space in Megabytes required)

  5. Configure alerts as desired.

  6. Hit OK to save these settings.

With the above configuration, any configured alerts will be triggered if the drive space on \\XSERVER\XSHARE drops below 4000 meg.


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