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In some cases, it may be desirable to have a specific device monitored at the beginning or end of the monitoring cycle. 

The list of devices is monitored in alphabetical order, so outside of configuring cascading dependencies, this is the method used for figuring which order devices will be monitored

Based on this fact, it is quite simple to place a specific device at the top or bottom of the list by simply changing the name or preceding it with a value to accomplish this.

Example:  One customer wrote an in-house add-in component that performed manipulation of the log files generated by ipSentry.  They wanted to parse, filter, and migrate the log information after each and every cycle.  They would then move the log to a holding area for eventual deletion.  To accomplish this, the add-in was added as an entry and named in such a way as to be the very first entry (0001-Log Parser).  This allowed them to insure that each log file contained the entire cycle of statistics including monitoring results, alerts, and etc.


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