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In most cases, you will use the same modem for all modem based mobile alerting functions.  ipSentry maintains a default modem configuration to help with this requirement.  Very few production installations of ipSentry use different modems for different alerts due to the simplicity of paging functionality and the desire to insure that the modem is available for paging alerts.

By default, ipSentry does not enable modem communications and this should be taken into consideration as it is possible to retain all pager configurations for various alerts while completely shutting down all modem based paging with a single option noted below.

  1. From the ipSentry active display console, select Action, System Options.

  2. Select the Default Modem tab.

  3. Click on the Properties button to select and configure modem you will be using for paging alerts.
    From this point, you can configure various modem properties such as connection settings.

  4. While beyond the scope of this documentation, set the location field to the modem dialing configuration that should be used by all or most of your pagers.  The location defines various aspects and rules regarding phone dialing requirements based on your location. Items such as long distance dialing, local dialing, office phone system access, calling cards, and etc.

    Additional help on configuring various locations for dialing instructions is available in the windows phone dialer utility and telephony configuration help area as these are where you will go to configure various location properties.  In most cases, the "New Location" or "Default Location" will suffice.

The configuration settings stored here will be the default settings used when adding pagers.  You may modified each pager individually and override these settings during pager setup.


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