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When you select View Statistics, Default Build from the Edit menu on the ipSentry console, you are presented with an HTML report summarizing the historical results of monitoring as well as the current state of entries that have been defined for output to the statistics report.

When ipSentry is running as a system service, this option is not available - so how do you get the report? You may also wish to have the report available for remote access from the web - in which case, the output will need to be placed in a location accessible by your web server. 

ipSentry provides the capability to periodically update the HTML output after each cycle and within a time period specified below.  In order to enable this functionality, follow these simple steps.

  1. From the ipSentry active display console, select Action, System Options .

  2. On the Statistics Output tab, make sure that Auto Output HTML Statistics Report is checked.

  3. Set the Output file name field to the path and filename (don't forget the file name) to which ipSentry should write these statistics. (Example: \\MYSERVER\MYSHARE\MYPATH\ipSentryStats.html)

  4. Enter the maximum time that can elapse between statistics output in the Output Every field.
    (Note: If a full cycles takes longer than the  amount of time specified here, the file will be generated once every cycle.  A setting of one minute is recommended)

Note: Remember that the name of the file you enter in this field will be the HTML file you should request in your browser in order to view the current statistics..

The data entered above is the 'default' output page and location for statistics.   The actual location and even whether or not an entry is output to the HTML pages can be set on a per-entry basis.   We the Device Entry Editor for more information.


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