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When ipSentry is running as a service, the active display console is not visible on the desktop .

You can view the information that would normally be displayed in the console by making use of the Remote Access Telnet Enabled function and a standard telnet client.  This provides not only remote access to the display, but remote access from anywhere providing TCP/IP access (on the port selected) to the machine on which ipSentry is running.

  1. From the ipSentry active display console, select Actions, System Options.

  2. On the Remote Access tab, make sure that Telnet Enabled is checked.

  3. Enter a port number on which you would like ipSentry to listen for connections in the Port Number field.

  4. Enter the password required to access this display in both the Password field and the Verify Field.

  5. Press OK to save the changes.

  6. ipSentry must be restarted for this change to become active.

Now, when you want to view the console, you can simply open a telnet client and connect to ipSentry on the port specified.     

Note: While ipSentry provides no "management" functions through this telnet interface for security reasons, it might be possible for a hacker to suspend monitoring should they gain access to ipSentry - other than that, there is very little one can 'do' using this telnet interface..


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