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RGE supports three primary types of paging / SMS / text messaging options.

  1. Numeric DTMF (Dial Tone).
    This is the type of paging alert is dialing a specific phone number then then after a specified amount of time, dialing a specific sequence of tones.  This functionality is seldom used and is only provided as a legacy option.  
  2. Alphanumeric Text (TAP/SMS)
    ipSentry support alphanumeric paging (SMS/Mobile) using the TAP protocol.

    Your mobile service provider must support the TAP protocol for modem based paging in order to utilize this feature. However, you may utilize the SMS scripting functions for other text messaging systems such as connected GSM modem.  

    This is the most common mobile alerting mechanism outside of email alerting.
  3. Alphanumeric Text (Email/SMTP)
    While this can be unreliable given the purpose of ipSentry (connectivity failure detection), email based paging is supported using standard SMTP email configurations.

Samples of various scripts are provided for reference and may be used to handle menu style, manual, terminal based, and GSM paging systems such as Telenote, Orange, GSM SMS modem devices, etc...

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