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That is about a vague a question as there is, but it get's asked and believe it or not, the answer is usually due to one of the following issues.

  1. You entered a username/password for sending SMTP mail to a non-authentication required server.
    If your SMTP relay server does not require a logon to send email, then don't enter logon information.  If you enter logon information, the mail alert will send the AUTH request with authentication information and you will probably receive a "syntax" error, "unrecognized command", or other error back from the server.

  2. The FROM and TO addresses must be in the form of NAME@DOMAIN.DOM
    SMTP mail is from one email address to another email address.  In most cases, you MUST the from and to addresses must be in proper email format as noted above.  This is very important and believe it or not makes up the largest percentage of support requests regarding email failure.   We allow the use of malformed email addresses because some servers will support it.  If you don't know if your server supports aliases, then don't use aliases. 

  3. Check for anti-relay configurations causing problems.
    In many cases, your SMTP relay server may be configured to block email destined to external addresses or even configured not to accept email from the IP address of the machine on which ipSentry is running.  Make sure that your email configuration is in compliance with any anti-spam features on your SMTP server.  Errors such as "Relaying Prohibited" will pretty much let you know that there is an anti-relay rule on the server that is not allowing you to send email.  Check with your system admin (or yourself) to find out what needs to be changed at the server in order to allow the email to be sent.

    If you have no idea how to get around the anti-relay, use the direct MX address for the mail address.

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