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There are two common problems encountered when entering your registration code. And by common, we mean rampant. 

  1. Invalid REG NAME entered.
    Each license code is keyed with the registration name supplied.  If you receive a code that shows the registration name - it must be entered in it's entirety.  You can't just enter the name as you want to see it, you must enter it as you received it.  If you like to see a "," and there isn't a "," - then don't enter a ",".

    Very often, a Registration will be requested by one user as "My Company INC".  But for some reason, it get's entered as "My Company, Inc.".  These are not the same things.  The "," and "." are arbitrary additions which WILL cause a license code failure.

  2. Confusing FONTs
    Depending on your system font, you may look at the code and assume that an l is a 1 or I.  If this appears to be a problem, simply copy the code to notepad and change the font until you are sure of the letter.  You will then be able to tell the difference between one's, L's, and capital i's.

If neither of the above issues appear to be the problem, you may contact sales@ipsentry.com .  Include the full (and exact) license codes you are trying to enter.  Also include your company name and if purchased from a reseller, the reseller name so we can attempt to find the real code.

     If you require additional assistance, please visit our on-line support forum at http://forum.ipsentry.com.
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