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From the Start/Programs/All Programs/ipSentry... select the ipSentry License Manager

License Manager Dialogue

IPSentry License Manager

The ipSentry License Manager allows you to review, add, modify, and report your currently licensed ipSentry features.

Product Colum
This column displays the various features installed with your version of ipSentry such as the base application and add-in components.

While evaluating ipSentry, this column will display the date on which evaluation functionality will cease.  If you have licensed the selected product, the Registrant portion of the license key will be displayed here.

This column will display the license code assigned to the registrant for activation of this feature.

This column will display general information regarding the license.  Expiry date, valid license, extension information, and etc.  All licensed feature with the Registrant and License code properly entered will display "VALID" in this column.

Click this button to obtain a printable report of your current license information for backup, archival, or general storage.

IPSentry License Manager Report

Click this button to view/modify the selected product's license information.  This is normally used after you have received the license keys to activate your products.

Your REGISTRATION field may contain information such as [SNG], [BDL], and other special items denoting the type of license. Be sure to enter the registration information in it's entirety and for the product that is selected.

IPSentry License Manager

Modify Bulk
This option allows you to paste in the contents of a "License.V6" file and is generally used during a system recovery or when you have purchased a multiple license pack and must enter a number of duplicate codes for deployment.  The License.V6 file is located in the ipSentry application folder and contains your current license information. 

IPSentry License Manager - Bulk Insert

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