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From the Entry Editor, click on the Schedule button.

The schedule option allows you to schedule the days of week and times of day that the selected entry will be active by entering time frames in the editor.  You can add, modify or remove time frames.  You can drag the time frames from one day to another, and you can set all days to the same time frame currently shown in the time frame list.

You may also simply configure the schedule to reference a schedule from another device thereby allowing multiple devices to share the same schedule.


IPSentry Device Monitoring Schedule Editor

Use From
When you enable this option, you can select another entry from which the schedule will be obtained.
Changes made to the referenced machine schedule will be propagated to all entries referencing that schedule.

In order to maintain some sense of clarity and reduce confusion, we strongly recommend using Group/Template entries to store commonly used schedules rather than arbitrarily selecting devices from which to derive the schedule.  This will eliminate confusion down the road and avoid mistaken changes to one schedule affecting all items referencing that schedule.

For example, if you have multiple entries that should only be active between 00:00 and 00:15, then you should create a Group/Template entry, set it's properties appropriately, and use that entry as the reference.  This will be much less confusing than if you reference an unrelated device simply because it has the schedule that works.  You will then be assured that the only way to change the schedule for these devices is by changing a well defined template entry.  There would be very little reason to 'accidentally' change the schedule.

Copy To
Use the Copy To option to copy this schedule to one or more other monitored entries.

Set All Days
Click this button to copy the currently displayed schedule to all days of the week.  This is helpful if every day should have the same schedule and avoid having to manually modify each day individually.   Also, if more than 3 days of the week will have the same schedule, it will be much more efficient to set all days and then simply change the remaining days to their appropriate schedule.

Click to add a new time frame to the current day's schedule.

Click to modify the currently selected time frame.

Click to remove the currently selected time frame.

Copy From
Click to copy a schedule from a previously defined entry.  This will copy the schedule information from the selected entry but will not reference it.  Use this option when creating a new schedule that is close to another schedule and only minor changes need to be made.

Click this to use the default schedule of 'always'.

Select this tab to view current overrides in effect on the schedule.  The override option allows you to define specific days of week, days of month, and specific dates and times to make the selected entry inactive.

Schedule Override
IPSentry Device Monitor Schedule Override

The inactivity override is exclusive of the schedule in effect at the time the entry is to be monitored.
In the above sample, the entry to which this override is defined will not monitor items during the following time frames.

  1. On the First, Fifteenth, or Last day of the month from 00:00 to 03:59
  2. On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 00:00 to 01:59
  3. On February 8, 2011 all day. 

Similar to the schedule, the override schedule can be derived from another entry by utilizing the "Use From" option.

* IMPORTANT * - The Override schedule is NOT part of the schedule itself.  Thus, even though you may have the schedule itself to be derived from another entry, the override schedule attached to that entry will not be used unless specifically defined in the override  "Use From" area.

The following screens are utilized to define the Day Option, Selection, and Time Frames for the three types of inactivity overrides.


Schedule Override - Day of Week
IPSentry device monitoring schedule override day of week

Selecting "Day(s) of Week" for the schedule override allows you specify which days of the week this override will be in effect for the selected time frames.


Schedule Override - Day of Month
IPSentry device monitoring schedule override day of month

Selecting "Day(s) of Month" for the schedule override allows you specify which days of the month this override will be in effect for the selected time frames.


Schedule Override - Specific Date

IPSentry device monitoring schedule override specific date and time

Selecting "Specific Date" for the schedule override allows you specify a specific day that this override will be in effect for the selected time frames.



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