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From the Entry Editor, click on the Attributes button.

While editing devices.

The Custom Attributes editor allows you to attach up to 10 custom values to a device.  These custom attributes can be added to email alerts and other keyword aware portions of ipSentry via the %%ca.#%% keyword. (Where the # represents the custom attribute number to be reference.)

IPSentry monitored device custom attributes

Simply enter the values you wish to apply to the various attributes.  These attributes are specific to the entry to which they are applied and have no relationship to dependency, groupings, or other references made. 

Wherever the ipSentry key word values are allowed (Email messages, text messages, command line parameters, etc..) you can utilize the   %%ca.#%% keyword to reference the attribute for the current device.

Click the Copy From button to copy attributes from a selected existing entry.

Click the Copy To button to apply the attributes to selected existing entries.


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